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The Parkway is a new, faster, and more scenic way to connect Northeastern Tallahassee and Northwestern Tallahassee.

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A Historic Treasure

Orchard Pond Road was built in the 1800s as part of Governor Call's Orchard Pond Plantation.  Until recently, this unpaved corridor was a privately-owned but publicly maintained canopy road known and cherished for its beauty.


A Vision of Preservation

Thanks to the vision of the property owner, there are no plans for development or urban sprawl along this beautiful new parkway. With scenic vistas and a brand new bike trail built along the old unpaved Orchard Pond roadbed, the future of Orchard Pond Parkway is here.

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Why a Toll?

A toll road will help fund a needed road that otherwise would have been decades away. By asking users to fund its construction we save tax dollars and remove pressure for developing the surrounding acres. In short, a toll will help keep this area of our community undeveloped for generations to come.

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Fast. Easy. Beautiful.

The new Orchard Pond Parkway is the fastest way from Northeast to Northwest. With rolling hills and scenic vistas, you will enjoy a stunning 5.2-mile drive across one of North Florida’s most beautiful roads. Enjoy!



You're gonna love us... But you're gonna need a SunPass.

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